According to Symantec SMB, 50% of Small Businesses admit to not having a backup or a disaster recovery plan in place.  41% of those that were surveyed by Symantec SMB acknowledged that they had not thought about implementing a recovery or business continuity plan in case of a disaster.  If your business is one of them, then you need to think about how your business would weather a catastrophic event and if you can afford to continue operating without proper planning.  Answering the questions below can help you discover if you are prepared for when the unexpected happens.

1.  Do you often have periods of time where employee productivity or customers ability to access your services is stalled from your network or systems being down?

2.  How long can you suffer downtime before your business is affected and what kinds of backup or recovery operations are in place when you experience downtime?

3.  Can you or your IT support react quickly enough to minimize damage?  Do you feel confident in you business’ ability to be online after a disaster?  Will you have access to your data and information that is lost after an accident or will your business be effectively shut down?

4.  Is the business’ most critical data backed up frequently?  What about the data that is stored on employee laptops, desktops, iPads, or phones?  Of the backups you have, are they being stored off-site and quickly available in the case of an event such as a tornado, fire, theft, or flood?  If you have custom software, is it available to be reinstalled quickly?  Do you have account details, licensing agreements, and other mission critical data available and stored off-site?

5.  Are your business systems protected from theft, viruses and malware, or hackers?  Do you change passwords to sensitive data regularly or when employees leave the company?

6. Do you regularly test your backup recovery to make sure they work?  How quickly do they restore?  Would you be in a situation where it would take days or weeks to restore your backups?

Honest answers to these questions will help you get a picture of if you are properly prepared or if you are leaving yourself open to high hourly rates, trip fees, service charges, and wait times for custom IT support.  Some gaps can even cause perfectly well-operated businesses to fail.  When you are a small business, you do not have to fear your technology failing you even in a terrible disaster.  A trusted Managed IT support provider can help you resolve the gaps to solidify your disaster and business continuity plans so you can rest easy.