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IT Support Desk

When you need help, IT Support should be available Our Support Desk staff prides itself on being a comforting resource when you need help. Customer Service means something to us, it is not just something we say.

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On-demand IT Support Desk available over the phone, live chat, email, and for our managed customers directly from our website or our desktop client.

Our IT Support Desk uses a ticketing workflow that keeps your issue always under a watchful eye and documented for the future. This workflow keeps customers up to date in real-time as work is being done as well as others who may need to assist in the resolution. Our staff is trained that if there isn’t a ticket in the system, it didn’t happen!

Our Support Desk utilizes a system of best practices and structured processes that allow a business to receive enterprise-level support without having to employ an entire department.

Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

On Deck IT Services has industry leading best practices and solutions to minimize downtime and financial loss due to not having the correct backup and disaster recovery plan in place.

On-Site Backup and Off-Site Backups

There is a large amount of safety in having three different forms of storage for critical information. Many in the industry refer to this as the 3-2-1 rule of data storage. You should have two local copies of critical data that are not located on the same device. This can be as simple as a workstation and a backup hard drive. Then there should be another copy of the file that is located off-site from where the other two copies are located.

This is a very simplistic way of looking at backups, but it does make many people think about how they are storing their important data. This rule also doesn’t even bring into account that someone has to properly setup and maintain these files in these different locations. Many companies have great intentions, and understand the risks and put into place procedures that they protect them, but what happens when personnel changes or people are on vacation?

Our solutions solve this problem and are managed by experts in the field. We have procedures and safeguards against missed backups or failed transfers. Our team gets notifications and tests the validity of the backups even when we show they are succeeding.

Critical System Snapshots

When a critical system, such as application or file server for a business has a critical failure it can mean the loss of revenue that can be devastating. Even when you have the files backed up, the time it takes to recover that system and get the business operation again is a considerable amount of lost productivity and revenue.

Our answer to this problem is to take snapshots or images of these systems in near real-time. We then have the ability to place one of these images into operation using a virtual server until the critical failure of the original server has been repaired and can take over its function. Now you are talking about being operation within minutes instead of days.

Huntsville and North Alabama have had there fair share of tornadoes which can create prolonged power outages and physical infrastructure damage. Having the ability to move these images to virtual servers or to another office location means that you stay operational.

Encryption and Revision History

Many companies deal with personal information that must be safeguarded and some have government mandated compliance such as HIPAA or CFPB.  Making sure your dealing with a company that understands the rules and requirements is extremely important.  Companies also need to protect their sensitive data against competitors or entities that would try to use it against them.  File revisions also allows for audit tracking and making sure that when something changed or was added, your able to to see what was changed.

24/7 Automated Maintenance

The managed services plans at On Deck IT Services include our incredible monitoring agent software.  General maintenance routines are no match for our automation.

It is downright impressive what we have packed into our agent that allow us to keep your infrastructure stable and secure.

The best thing?  It does so much while staying lightweight and remaining out of the way of your employees so they can focus on remaining productive.

Scheduled or On-Demand Reporting

Our ability to document is one of the benefits of working with On Deck IT Services.  We have the right skill sets and solutions in place to give you access to the information you need about your technology when you need it.  Ticket history, asset lists, installed software, and many more are available to you in an ad-hoc or scheduled manner.

When On Deck IT Services is managing your infrastructure, you never need to fret when you need information quickly because we already have it!

VOIP Phone Systems

VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) is more cost effective than using traditional land-line phones from the traditional providers.

  • Virtual PBX
  • CRM Integrations
  • Call Recording
  • Call Queues
  • Voicemail as Email
  • Software Phone (SIP) and Dashboards
  • Decreased Costs, More Features
The Benefits of VOIP

Saving Money
VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) is more cost effective than using traditional land-line phones from the traditional providers. Most long distance charges are a thing of the past and the impressive feature sets are included in a flat charge. VoIP makes it cost effective to set your business and employees up for success. Oh, and we visualize most of the hardware which saves you even more!

You get the flexibility to use VoIP anywhere you have broadband internet connection. Plug up your phone and your good to go or use your laptop and a headset to connect from wherever you are quickly!

No more barriers between your phone system and your CRM or Line of Business applications. VoIP can be integrated in to major software products like Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho, and many more. Gain the advantage that larger companies have had by bringing these two technologies together and increase employee productivity!

Need to add some more phone lines? Easily done without worrying if your existing hardware needs to be upgraded. Need to transfer calls easily between phones? Again, easily done. Your receptionist can be supercharged with a web-based switchboard that make it easy to run an office and get calls to where they need to go. Missed a call while your out of the office and the caller left a message? Not a problem with VoIP because that voicemail gets delivered immediately to you via email so you can listen to it and respond!

Microsoft and Application Patch Management

Security is essential to any business, large or small.  One large security hole for many companies is the lack of a structured and monitored approach to patching their applications and operating systems.

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We have an entire handbook on how we handle our automation of patches and hotfixes that we use day in and day out. We test and vet the patches and fixes in a test environment and then on our environment and pay close attention to support channels for indicators of any incompatibilities.

Our managed service means that for you, the days of the operating system or an application being unpatched for days, weeks, or years are gone. We use our fantastic monitoring client to keep tabs on which applications and operating system patches need to be applied after they have been through our approval process and they get installed at a time that does not affect the user or the business. If there is a problem during installation, our monitoring client identifies it and begins a support ticket to have a support technician review and resolve the problem.

Mobile Device Management

If your a company that allows your employees to BYOD(bring your own device) or you have company owned laptops and phones we can help keep them managed and secure.

BYOD(bring your own device) opens up many questions about security, productivity, and responsibility to name a few. That said, it can also create a great amount of flexibility and help make employees more productive.

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Having a well developed implementation plan in place can allow you to capitalize on the benefits while keeping the negatives managed and under control.

Company owned devices are no different than personal devices and get damaged or misplaced. They also often are not on premise for much of the time they are being used which means that if they are not being correctly managed they can open up issues with security and reliability of service.

Mobile Device Management can handle both BYOD(bring your own device) and company owned equipment and create structured plans that allow your employees to capitalize on mobility and increase their ability to be productive while keeping the business operating smoothly if its their device or yours.

Hardware and Software Monitoring

Customers and clients under our managed services plans are always under the watchful eye of our monitoring software clients.

When our routines detect something went awry or has gone offline, a process immediately goes into effect that notifies the support staff and they jump into action.

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Remote management tracks both critical and non-critical processes, services, networks, and hardware to make sure things are healthy and operating efficiently. When they aren’t, our tools take no time at all in letting us know so remediation can begin.

Mission critical business functions such as email, a line of business application, and web and application services typically affect more than just one employee when there is an issue. It is important that these business functions have special fast lanes for support so that the when there is a problem, its identified and resolved quickly.

Not all business processes are critical and demand immediate attention. They surely should not be ignored either! We watch many indicators that allow us to keep the small problems from becoming big ones. Our industry loves to reference this as being pro-active instead of re-active, we just like to say we do our job.